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You probably already noticed that the Baugher name has something to do with Germany. That's our family heritage in any case. We're an American family scattered about throughout the world and still close in part thanks to the Internet. This site contains family history, pictures, and what ever else we feel like putting up. Especially welcome are any decendents of Johann Georg Bager from Niederlinxweiler, Germany.

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Biking through Germany?
Niederlinxweiler is big on biking and the place to start! Check outwww.radpuhl.de for all your biking needs.
What happened to the Bager name?
The Bager name changed in the USA.There are 5 different spellings now: Bagher, Bugher, Backer, Baugher, Badger.
Why was the Family name Bager changed to Baugher?

My theory is: It was changed to preserve the original pronunciation. The name Bager pronounced in English sounds nothing like it does in German. In the German language the name Bager is pronounced “Baug-err”. In English, when Bager is pronounced it either sounds like, well nothing like it is supposed to sound in German. I believe this over time irritated J.G Bager and motivated him to changed the spelling of his last name to more reflect the original pronunciation of his name as he knew it. By adding a “u” and an “h” to the name Ba(u)g(h)er, English speakers would more accurately pronounce his last name as pronounced in German.  How the Baugher name got to be pronounced as Boy-yer, is beyond me. I heard a school teacher once said our last name was really French and said it was supposed to be pronounced so. Well she was wrong. Going further back and deeper into theory, maybe there is a Danish connection as Bager in Danish means Baker. It’s interesting that Joh. Jakob Bager was Master Baker was by trade. Maybe it was a family tradition and that’s where the family came from before they settled in the Saarland??


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Thought you might find these interesting!. Pictures by Arthur Baugher


JGB Tombstone               AEB Tombstone
If you like to make history personalized, then you can't go wrong with JGB grandson, HLB.

Henry Louis (Lewis) Baugher briefly studied law with Francis Scott Key before becoming a minister and gave the benediction at Gettysburg after Abraham Lincoln's address.