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A story of Johannus Georgius Bager. His life in Germany and his immigration to the American colonies in 1752.
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You probably already noticed that the Baugher name has something to do with Germany. That's our family heritage in any case. We're an American family scattered about and still close in part thanks to the Internet. This site contains family history, pictures, and what ever we feel like putting up. Especially welcome are any decendents of Johann Georg Bager from Niederlinxweiler, Germany.
Plate with Niederlinxweiler  seal
Here you'll find some pictures of Niederlinxweiler, Germany and more.
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Josh Baugher of Eldorado, Illinois
Click here for a letter by Jon Baugher written to his family about his trip to Niederlinxweiler, Germany.
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What happened to the Bager name?
The Bager name changed in the USA for different reasons (go into that later). There are 5 different spellings now in the USA: Bagher, Bugher, Backer, Baugher, Badger.

The Baugher name as known in S. Illinois is pronounced: Boy-yer
This is the weather of the neighboring city of Niederlinxweiler. Unfortunately Niederlinxweiler weather isn't available.
Ever wonder what temperature a Baugher is in?
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Family Tree
Here you will find the Baugher family roots.
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A slice of the Baugher family on Thanksgiving day.
There is a question in the air, that I feel must be answered...Would you
like to meet a cousin you never knew you had...?? You know they are out
there in the world somewhere, you just don't know where. I was lucky to
find two of them and I for one...would like to meet them and talk of family
stories and history. So there is an open invitation to all Baughers,
relatives and Hardin County historians to meet for such a gathering to
share information, photographs, and stories, of the Baughers' history in
Hardin County, Illinois.
Place:...Cave-In-Rock State Park...located in Cave-In-Rock, Hardin County,
Illinois...this park is on a bluff over looking the Ohio River...the park
also has cottages for week-end rental and they have a fine restaurant...both
with a beautiful vista of the river...the cottages are equipped with
kitchenettes for your convenience...
When: This is up to those who wish to attend...My idea would be late
spring...five weekends in May and the first two weekends in June are open
for possibility...that is a seven week period of time...but we need to hear
from all of you...time is short and reservation need to be made early...More
Motels are in Harrisburg, Illinois about a forty minute drive North-West.
There are B&B's located in Elizabethtown also...look at the link for
information.......              By Ed Baugher
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